In 1987, Felix Tulagan Sensei joined the Manila Aikido Club under the direct supervision of Master Manuel N. Camar, where he was promoted to black belt after many years of training and gained his 4th Dan Aikido Black belt.

The Shihan Manuel N. Camar was an 8th Dan Aikido Black belt, Chief instructor in Philippine National Police Academy, the former representative of Aikikai foundation in Sekai Aikido Humbo, World Headquarters, Tokyo Japan.

Felix Tulagan Sensei was employed as one of the Aikido instructors in the Philippine National Police (PNP), and the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) to give training to future Police officer. Aikido is recognized as an official subject and the only martial art being practiced in the academy.

Felix Tulagan Sensei, immigrated to Ontario, Canada and continued practicing and teaching aikido. He joined an Aikido club located in Scarborough, together with other aikido instructors.

In May 8, 2004, Felix Tulagan Sensei has now formed a new Aikido club, which is located at 2359 Royal Windsor Drive, Mississauga and registered as Mississauga Aikido Club. The club is recognized by Manila Aikido Club and was sanction by Sekai Aikido Humbo, World Headquarters, Tokyo Japan. His mission is to promote good discipline and confidence to his students through the traditional teaching of aikido.