Mission Statement


The objectives of Mississauga Aikido Club are to study the philosophy and the arts of Aikido and further develop them to best suit the modern way of life.

Studying Aikido as a whole, Old traditions are analyzed and only the good traditions are kept and further developed so that they can be useful in our daily lives. Mississauga Aikido emphasizes the attitude of training. The students and the instructors grow together at Aikido dojo. The students learn the fundamentals from the instructors and gain deeper understanding of Aikido while sharing their knowledge with the students. Through earnest, realistic and sincere training, the students of Mississauga Aikido will learn the true meaning of Aikido.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide students of Mississauga Aikido Club with unparalleled instruction in the Martial Art of Aikido by:

  • Observing and promoting the ideals and traditions of Aikido under the direction of Felix Tulagan Sensei, 4th Dan Aikido Blackbelt
  • Providing a safe and relaxed atmosphere for new and experienced students to learn and grow
  • Teaching a solid foundation of Basic Movements and Basic Techniques which serve as the foundation for the students' continued growth and learning at much higher levels
  • To develop discipline, self-confidence, self-control, self-reliance to protect their selves and love ones.
  • Providing an inner strength to develop a healthy body, mind and natural reflexes.
  • Fostering an open-minded environment and offering a variety of programs to broaden the understanding of Martial Arts in general.

Classes at Mississauga Aikido are conducted in a friendly yet traditional atmosphere. Students learn correct etiquette in conjunction with their physical training.

Classes usually begin with 15-20 minutes of warm-up exercises, including the study of Ukemi (falling and rolling techniques), followed by a review of basic movements. The class will then progress into the study of basic and advanced techniques.