What is Aikido



Sensei FELIX TULAGAN is a 4th Dan Black Belt Instructor in


And has perfected this Martial Arts in excess of 20 Years. Sensei FELIX TULAGAN had the distinct pleasure in Training the POLICE ACADEMY Recruits in the Philippines. It is Mandatory that all recruits undergo intensive training in the MARTIAL ARTS OF AIKIDO.

Aikido is a DEFENSIVE Martial Arts that develops

  • Calmness
  • Stability
  • Confidence
  • Reduces stress

The practice of AIKIDO is Non-competitive and does not rely on Physical Strength

This Dynamic and Cardio intensive classes will teach you effective SELF DEFENSE through the use of:

  • Timing
  • Movement
  • Balance
  • Stamina
  • Coordination

The Physical side of AIKIDO involves:

  • Throwing
  • Joint Manipulation
  • Special weaponry training

AIKIDO does not focus on striking of ones opponent but on using their own energy to gain control.